Donor Roll

Anonymous (3)
Terry Akin and Barbara Steslow
Gary Anderson
Jaimie and Carl C. Ashby III
Lindsey and Frank Auman
Ravi and Uma Avva
Ingrid Avera
Alexa S. Aycock
A&B Store Fixtures
John Bakane
Bank of North Carolina
Caroline and Jim Barber
Dan and Cindy Barbour
Dr. Bryan Bartle
Nancy and Tom Beard
Susan and Thomas Beard
Bell Foundation
Jackie and Steve Bell
Margaret S. and William P. Benjamin
Sylvia and Michael Berkelhammer
Amy and Jason Black, in celebration of Caroline and Steven Tanger
Louise Bowles
Louise and Jim Brady
Mary Gay and Don Brady and Family
Sheila and Alan Brady
Lewis Brandon
Betty and Joe Brantley
Cooper Brantley
Nancy and Frank Brenner
Drs. Dora and Bruce Brodie
Nancy and Trip Brown
Phyllis Brooks
Suejette and David Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Bryan
Joe Bryan, Jr.
Nancy and Jim Bryan
The Honorable Frank and Frances Bullock
Lisa and Willie Bullock
Lynn and Jim Burgio
Janis and Marc Bush, in memory of Joan B. Stainforth and Mary Ann and Peter B. Bush
Linda and Jim Carlisle
Carolina Bank
Molly and Henry Carrison
Vanessa and Roy Carroll
Linda and Bill Cary
Joann and Bill Cassell
The Cemala Foundation
Jane and Suresh Chandra
Dawn S. Chaney
Dorothy Wilson Chappell
Amy and Glenn Chrystal
CityView Apartments
Clem and Hayes Clement
Irene and Irv Cohen
Sue W. Cole
The Community One Foundation
Diane and Chip Compton
Joy and Kayla Cook
Benjamin Cone, Jr.
Elizabeth W. “Betty” Cone
Cone Family
Sally and Alan Cone
Cone Mills Charitable Fund
Jean and Doug Copeland
Patricia Copeland
Jean and Mike Cornwell
Kathy and Daniel Craft
Pat and Pete Cross
William S. Cross
Tiffany and Neal Davis
Dick Broadcasting Company
Diversified Trust
Paige and Will DuBose
The Duke Energy Foundation
Pamela and Alan Duncan
Cathy and Lowell Easter
Ecolab Foundation
Ecolab Foundation's Community Relations Council
Cathy and Wes Elingburg
John Ellison
Kim and Erick Ellsweig
Brent and William Elmore
Linda Meter and John D. Englar
Massimo Fantechi and Rodney Ouzts
Courtenay and Bradley Fields
Dr. Gary and Ellen Fischer
Thea and Edmond Fitzgerald
Peggy and Marion Follin
Future Fund
Marsha and Jon Glazman
William Goebel
Eva Jane Gorrell
Dr. Karen and Josh Gould
Ginger and Haynes Griffin
Joann and David Grimes
Kevin Guthrie
Bernard and Nancy Gutterman
John C. Hagan
The Honorable Kay and Chip Hagan
Mary and David Hagan
Lynn and Mike Haley and Family
Marty and Porter Halyburton
Melissa and Jerry Harrelson
R. Ross Harris
Sherry and Bob Harris
Dr. Charles and Jeanne Hassell
Pam and Steve Hassenfelt
Erica and Andrew Herman
Sharon and Jack Hicks
Hillsdale Fund
Michelle Himmelman, in honor of Brandon, Michelle and Jillian Himmelman
Laura and Thomas Hockman
Donna and Robert Hodgman
Rusty Hoffman
Cherie and Hayes Holderness
Morgan and Jack Horner
Sara S. and George W. House
Bob and Chris Hudson
Anne and Parker Huitt
Jacqueline Humphrey
Rodna and David Hurewitz
Dr. Mark and Anita Kaye Hyman
Jill Wilson and Marc Isaacson
Heather and Jay Jahnes
McKinley and Robert Johnson
The Rev. Nelson and Mrs. Joyce Johnson
Johnston Properties, Inc.
Marcia and Orton Jones
Mary and Chuck Jones
The Jones Family – Bobby, Avery, Thompson and William
Robert Jones
The Joseph M. Bryan Foundation of Greater Greensboro
Courtney and Bradley Kamlet
Tobee and Leonard Kaplan
Kathy Manning and Randall Kaplan
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Karb
Stephen Keckeis
Denny Kelly and Lou Bouvier
Milton Kern
Tommy Knight
Donald J. Kopriva
Ava and Bill Koronis
Dr. Eric and Kathy Kraus
Barbara Kretzer
Kriegsman's the Luxury Outerwear Store
Ann and Bob Kroupa
Sally and David Kuratnick
Louise and Bill Latture
Dr. Eugene S. and Gail M. LeBauer
Dr. Joe LeBauer
Sam and Joan LeBauer
Carter and Bill Leinster
Carol and Seymour Levin
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Levitin
Jane and Richard Levy
Simone and Joel Liebling
Lincoln Financial Group
Ginni and Al Lineberry, Jr.
Ann and Brokie Lineweaver
Mary and Paul Livingston
Laurie and Oliver Lloyd
Kathryn and Bobby Long
Lorillard, Inc.
Dr. John and Barbara Lusk in memory of Hilde and Wilhelm Angele
Lynn and Kevin MacDonald
Kristen and Marc Magod
James and Christina Mallard
Mary and Tom Martin
Misty McCall
Jane McCallum
Trude and Tom McCarty
Caroline D. McCoy
Susan and Mackey McDonald
Jodine and Thomas McDonough
Madeline Bonneau McElveen
Matthew McKay
Ruth and Harold M. McLeod, Jr.
Susan and Jim Melvin
Ashley and Robert S. Meyer
Dr. Prenard R. Mickens and Omorlie Harris
Debby and Ken Miller
Madeline and Everette Mills
Victoria and Ron Milstein
Peg and Skip Moore
Donna Moran and Garnett Hughes
Thomas Morgan and Tiffany Tomlinson
Erin and Jim Molinaro
Morrisette Paper Co.
Dr. Timothy Murphy
Susan and Joseph Nehmen
NewBridge Bank
Donna and Bob Newton
Maegen Novak
Jackie and Dan O’Connell
Patrick O’Rourke
Carolyn and Harold O'Tuel
Julie Olin
Laura and Todd Oxner
Cissy and Bill Parham
Diane and Russell B. Parmele, Jr.
Martha and Rob Peddrick
Parrish and Jonathan Peddrick
Dorothy and Robert Peters
Dr. Lloyd and Jane Peterson
Susan Petty
Gloria and Reid Phillips
Phillips Foundation
Meredith and Gary Piatt
Marvin Pinson
Ashley Powell
Sneha Prasankumar
Eleanor Procton
Erica Procton
Dr. Donald R. Pulitzer Family
Elizabeth Quarrier
Kathryn Ramsey
Elizabeth and Matthew Rankin
Jean and Bob Rapp
Carol A. Rauch
Lillian H. Rauch
Vicki-Ann and Kenneth Reed
Claudia Babb Reich
Nancy and Charles M. Reid
Jane and Royce Reynolds
Suzanne and Bob Rhodes
Carolynn and Tim Rice
Indira and Kevin Roberts
Susan and Freddy Robinson
David Rosenstein and Carol Anne Kenny
Emilie and Arthur Samet
Sylvia and Norman Samet
Bradford Sanders, in honor of Dabney and Walker Sanders
Dabney and Walker Sanders
Sara Lee and Paul Saperstein
Beatrice Schall
Rebecca and Mike Schlosser
Cindi and Jim Schrum
Maurice and Eugenia Schwartz
Susan and Jerry Schwartz
Shelley and Jeff Segal
Brittany P. Semones
Joy and Steve Shavitz
Phyllis Shavitz, in memory of Stanley Shavitz
Joyce and Bob Shuman
Sigmund and Ellen Tannenbaum Foundation
Susan and Gary Simmons
Vicki and Terry Simon
Peggy and Steven Schwartz
Tamara and Jim Slaughter
Linda and Tom Sloan
Henry W.B. Smith, III, M.D.
Madeleine and Dixon Smith
Pat and Gordon Soenksen
Melanie Soles
William R. Soles, Jr.
Jean and Ernest Spangler
Pam and David Sprinkle
The Stanley and Phyllis Shavitz Family Fund
Phyllis Shavitz
Stephen Shavitz
Katherine Stern
Mr. and Mrs. Doug M. Stone
Jennifer and Aaron Strasser
Martha and Tom Stukes
Thomas Suher and Eileen Armenante
Nora and John Swofford
Gary and Ellen Taft
Steven B. Tanger
Tannenbaum-Sternberger Foundation
Dr. Stuart Taylor and Ernestine Taylor
Barbara and Stuart Teichman
Laura and Chris Tew
Thompson Traders, Inc.
Beth and Xan Tisdale
Toleo Foundation
May Toms
Leslye and Marshall Tuck
Dr. and Mrs. W. Harrison Turner III
Tyler Redhead McAlister Real Estate
Harriet and Peter Vanstory
The William B. Veazey Family
VF Corporation
Dr. Robert and Kim Wainer
Sarah and Jack Warmath
Wells Fargo
Rochelle Weiner
Jacalyn and Brantley White
Judy and Len White
Sue Donathan White
Dale and Anne Whitfield
Barbara and Jim Williams
Sally and Ed Winslow
Susan and Eric Wiseman
Adrienne and Patrick Woods
Lynn Wooten and Paul Russ
Lauren and David Worth
William Young
Agnes and Walter Wright
Tom and Elaine Wright Family
Zeist Foundation
Kaki and Ryan Zell
Ann and Ben Zuraw