DESIGN DEVELOPMENT PHASE: We have just completed the SCHEMATIC DESIGN PHASE and have moved into the DESIGN DEVELOPMENT PHASE.  During this phase, the architects, theater consultants and construction manager will take the agreed upon SCHEMATIC DESIGN and flesh it out in much greater detail to create the actual design documents that will be used for construction.  This will allow them to identify any potential changes that need to be made in mechanical, electrical, structural aspects of the building, will give them a more accurate understanding of the type and amount of the materials that will be needed, may help them identify opportunities for cost savings, and will enable them to finalize a more precise cost for the building.

CITY COUNCIL REVIEW: Once DESIGN DEVELOPMENT is completed and accepted by the Donor Building Committee, the City will work with the contractor to set the GUARANTEED MAXIMUM PRICE (GMP) that it will take to build the Tanger Center, and present it with all of the design and budget outlines to the City Council for their review and approval.

GROUNDBREAKING: Once the City Council has approved the budget with which to build the Tanger Center, we will hold a formal groundbreaking ceremony to officially launch the construction process. The property is currently being cleared and prepared for construction so that construction can begin immediately following the groundbreaking.

CONSTRUCTION: Construction is expected to take 19-20 months to complete.

OPENING: We envision a gala opening weekend featuring behind-the-scenes tours of the facility, special performances and other surprises to create a well-rounded community celebration of the new Tanger Center!

At the conclusion of the work of the Community Task Force in 2012, a $60-million budget was projected, excluding the cost of land. Based on that figure, private donors from across our community have committed   $35 million in private support. The City of Greensboro has pledged $30 million in public support that will be supported by parking fees, ticket fees, and a portion of the County-wide Hotel/Motel tax revenue designated for City capital projects. These fees will allow the City to procure Limited Obligation Bonds to finance the public contribution to the project, including land acquisition, which was an additional $11.4 million. The construction of the Tanger Center has in no way affected property taxes, and the “city support” comes from people who will use the Tanger Center. Additional revenue is expected from facility rentals for other events and programming to provide additional operating income when the facility opens. Initial cost estimates based on the Schematic Design will be determined in mid-October, and will be further refined during the Design Development Phase.

The vision of the Tanger Center was determined by the Community Task Force that was convened by the Community Foundation in 2012. The vision called for a 3,000-seat, state of the art and multi-use facility located in downtown Greensboro. Representatives of the City of Greensboro, the Community Foundation and major donors have been working closely together to assure this vision is realized.  This is a complicated project – unique, really – because it is expected to serve a wide range of cultural needs, including first-run Broadway shows, popular concerts, symphony performances, comedians, the productions of local arts groups and special programs such as the Bryan Series. In addition, while recognizing that this building is a once-in-a-lifetime project and must robustly serve many future generations, organizers want to build the best – and smartest – design to successfully serve these many purposes for decades to come. Once City, Community Foundation and donor representatives settle on a design they feel best meets the community’s vision, the design and budget for building it will go to the City Council for approval.

The architectural team, specialized consultants, construction manager and donor representatives are working extremely hard to plan the building the community said it wants and needs – and to do so as efficiently as possible. We expect to know the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for construction from our designers and contractor at the completion of the Design Development Phase.

Click  here to see the most recent renderings of the designs. Additional images will be released when details for specific spaces have been confirmed.

The design, unveiled in January 2016, shows an impressive structure with a façade of limestone and glass. The 8,000-square-foot lobby will serve as a grand entrance to the facility and is anticipated to feature a significant work of public art. Click here to see the most recent renderings of the design.

The Tanger Center will be located in downtown Greensboro, N.C. on a site surrounded by three streets: North Elm, Lindsay and Summit. This location was originally recommended by the Task Force and AMS Planning and Research Corporation as the premiere site for the performing arts center.

Tanger Center Map

We are gearing for a projected opening date of June, 2018.

According to the AMS Planning and Research Corporation report, the Tanger Center will bring $7.3-10.1 million annually to the local economy. It is projected to bring 268 jobs once the venue is operational.  The construction of the Tanger Center will have a one-time economic impact of over $30 million and support more than 1,200 jobs.